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For Permanent Installations

  • Accurately measure the size of your garden, the longest and widest points are needed.
  • If you are laying onto an existing grass area, remove all existing grass and vegetation to a depth of between 3cm and 5cm.
  • ​Optional – Create a border around the edge of your area using wooden battening to secure grass to.
  • Fill area with sharp sand, use hand roller of vibrating plate to flatten area. If you are not using sand your soil must be flattened and compacted. If a wooden battening has been used to create a border then your sand must be level with these as to create a flat surface.Install a weed barrier, secure using stainless steel nails or garden staples.
  • Allow 5cm of overhang to give yourself the chance to make a perfect cut.
  • Leave your grass laid out over night to acclimatise, this will allow the pile to air up.
  • Trim in, then pin the edges of your Artificial Grass with galvanised nails or garden staples into either sand/soil or wooden battening.
  • Brush the Artificial Grass with a stiff broom to push the pile up.​



For Temporary Installations..

  • Clean and clear your area, pin or nail to temporarily stick down, alternatively use a light spray of adhesive. If you are temporarily laying onto decking then staple the grass around the edges
  • Loose lay the Artificial Grass and use heavy ornaments or furniture to secure and hold the grass down.

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