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Astro turf: a practical alternative to a poor lawn.

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Using Astro Turf In Place Of Real Grass

Artificial grass was for a long time only used in large sports arenas but with recent modern technological advances, it is readily available for use at your home. A lot of people have chosen to use astro turf because it holds a great deal of advantage over real grass. The benefits of using astroturf include;

All weather convenience

Mud is one of the greatest disadvantages of the wet season. Then there’s a scorched lawn in the hot season and so on and so forth. With astra turf however, you do not have to worry about the disadvantages of adverse weather conditions on your lawn. You can have an all time green lawn all year long even through winter.

Great for pets

Pets are uncontrollable most times. Much as you may teach it countless times to go to a designated area when it’s time to pee or poo, there will still come a time when it will go out on the lawn. With natural grass, there is no way of sterilizing the area or even ensuring that the affected area looks neat but with astro turf, you are guaranteed of this. If you are a pet owner therefore, artificial grass should be your go to.

Good for excessive wear

You have all noticed that a certain patch of grass in your lawn never really seems to grow. This could be as a result of excessive wear by children while playing or some other scenario. With artificial grass however, there is an increased resistance to wear and tear. Your kids can therefore head out and play on the lawn without you having to worry about destroying the landscape.

Saving resource

Maintaining real grass lawns is a venture that consumes a great deal of resources. Time for instance, one of the greatest resources, is spent constantly mowing the lawn. Then there is the water usage to keep the lawn alive. Mowing in itself comes with a great deal of challenges including pollution and clean up. All these resources can be saved by using astraturf. It requires very little maintenance and does not take up half as much time as a real lawn.


Artificial grass also offers general convenience. That is, laying the artificial grass is very easy as compared to planting real grass for the lawn. It has a very soft, cushion-like surface which is convenient for children and has less risk of injury. It is also relatively cheaper in the long run when compared to real grass lawns and other artificial landscaping techniques. What’s not to love about artificial grass?

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