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What sort of base is best for artificial grass?

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This depends on where you wish to position your new lawn. Astroturf is so versatile that it can be used on a wide range of surfaces. Let’s look at some of the options, and the best method of preparing a base in each situation.

As a lawn

If you are using artificial turf to replace to use your existing lawn, then you need to follow some simple guidelines to ensure that you are laying onto an ideal base. This will ensure you get the best out of your lawn for years to come, and will prevent problems with dips and hollows developing.

Firstly, you must remove all existing turf, down to a depth of between 3-5 cm. Next, fill the area with sharp sand at least 35 mm deep, and compact it down with a vibrating plate machine. They can be hired from most local hire shops. If you wish, you can compact the sand by hand with a roller if you prefer. The sand provides a firm, well draining layer for your artificial turf. If you cannot put sand down, compact the soil really well. It is best to lay a weed supressing membrane underneath your new surface, so cut it to size and fix into place. You now have an idea base and can lay your artificial turf.

Grass for decking areas

Astroturf is an ideal solution for covering unsightly decking that is past its best. You can either lay it down loose and secure it in place with furniture and planters, or opt for underfelt to give a more cushioned feel. Buy 12 mm garden grade underfelt and cut to fit. Astroturf fitted in this manner can be stuck down or stapled into place, directly onto the wooden deck boards.

Concrete Areas

Artificial turf can be laid straight onto a concrete surface or patio. You may need to spend some time making sure the surface is smooth and unbroken. If there are minor imperfections you may wish to use a self-levelling compound to smooth out unevenness. Again, you can opt to use underfelt on concrete surfaces for added comfort underfoot. Use 12 mm exterior grade underfelt. Either with or without underlay, concrete is an ideal base for an artificial lawn, and is used widely both domestically and by businesses to improve the look of unsightly areas without the expense of relaying slabs.

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