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How to choose an astro turf supplier

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Like most things in life, when it comes to choosing an astro turf supplier, important considerations should be made regarding product range, customer service and reputation.

In this article, you will find some of our industry tips for choosing a good astroturf supplier, so that you can avoid wasting your time with inferior products and service.

  1. Range of astro turf

An astro turf supplier might have the cheapest astro turf around, but if they only offer one or two products then chances are they won’t have a product ideally suited to your needs. At Touch of Grass, we have over 10 different astro turf lines to choose from. These range in finish and price to offer everybody the ideal product. We also offer offcuts and deals which could help you save even more money and we are happy to send out free samples.

  1. Check out the company’s online reputation

It is impossible for a company to hide reviews on the internet, so this is where you should start your search. We actively publish customer reviews on our website and we also publish reviews on our product pages. However, reviews aren’t the only thing to look out for. You can also visit the company’s social media pages to assess their level of customer service and interaction with customers; some people will send public messages to companies to praise or complain about a service. Look out for these messages to judge a company’s character.

  1. Avoid distributors – even if the price is unbeatable

When somebody buys cheap astro turf online – usually from a distributor – often the only support they will receive is from that distributor. Unfortunately, distributors offer no warranty on products and they often do not ordinarily accept refunds (only returns and replacements). This is a problem because like everything in life, mistakes happen and one can easily order too much astro turf or the wrong type. Distributors also lack the knowledge to provide you with product support. Because of this, we strongly advise you to buy your astroturf from a reputable company such as ourselves.

Order your astroturf today

At Touch of Grass we have a wide range of astroturf to choose from and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service record. Speak to a member of our team today to find out more about our range – call us on 01268 419 772 or contact us here.

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