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How to lay astroturf like a professional

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Essential tools:

  • Astroturf or artificial grass
  • Sharp builder’s sand
  • Weed control fabric
  • Jointing tape
  • Craft knife
  • Digging tools
  • Stiff brush
  • Protective gloves
  • Adhesive/glue
  • Ground pins

Optional tools:

  • Turf cutter
  • Builder’s plank
  • Heavy hammer

Preparing your garden:

  1. Remove any existing turf – Ideally to a depth of around 40mm. For small areas of turf you can use a spade. However, hiring a turf cutter can make this job much easier and quicker in larger gardens.
  2. Add a base layer of sand – To a depth of 35mm, spread out a layer of sharp builder’s sand.
  3. Level the surface – To ensure a firm base below your astroturf or artificial grass, use a builder’s plank and heavy hammer to compact the sand and smooth it down. A gentle slope will help with water drainage too.
  4. Add a membrane layer – This weed membrane should overlap joints by 300mm but be 50mm short of the grass edge.

Laying your artificial grass:

  1. Roll out the astroturf or artificial grass – Make sure the ends of the grass roles are staggered and don’t end in a line. Carefully trim the edges with a knife.
  2. Join the astroturf or artificial grass – The rolls should be laid in the same direction with the blades of grass pointing the same way too. Ensure no fibres are caught underneath and that jointing grass rolls are butted together.

Fixing down your artificial grass:

  1. Attach the rolls together – Spread the jointing tape rough side up along the gaps between rolls. Add adhesive to the tape and place the roll edges on top, being careful that no grass fibres touch the glue.
  2. Ruffle up the fibres – To disguise the seal between rolls and create a seamless effect, ruffle up the grass fibres.
  3. Fix down the edges with pins – Every 20cm, fix down the edges of your astroturf or artificial grass with ground pins. Once again, you might need to ruffle up the grass fibres around these pins.
  4. Sweep your astroturf or artificial grass – With a stiff brush, sweep your astroturf or artificial grass for an immaculate finish.

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