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Maintaining astro turf and artificial lawn grass – a help guide

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Taking the plunge and diving into the world of artificial grass and astro turf products can be a nerve wracking experience at first, but once the hard work of preparing your area and choosing which product you want to have, it’s all worth it in the end.

Generally, artificial grass and astro turf products will retain their wonderful looks for a number of years but as with anything in life, the more you look after it the better it will perform.

Below we give a brief breakdown of how you can maintain your new lawn

Stubborn Stains

On occasion your artificial grass may have a stain which doesn’t simply wash away with the rain and the weather, in this instance we always recommend getting to the spillage as soon as you notice it, if it is still wet we advise absorbing up the spill and using a small mix of warm water and washing up liquid, slowly dabbing the area until the stain is removed – alternatively, if the spill has dried onto the grass and has made your astro turf feel rough we recommend getting a sharp knife and try to cut away the fibres which have been stained.  Generally due to the material which artificial grass and astro turf is made out of, it is very hard to permanently stain your grass, and in certain situations even a household bleach can be used – but before you attempt this you must first talk to the company which you purchased your grass from.

Removing Debris

Wind and rain will help solve this issue naturally, we also recommend the use of an outdoor leaf blower, these are powerful enough to take everything off of your grass, ideally you want to remove anything whch is laying ontop such as leaves or mud to maintain the healthy appearance of the product. If you get any sticky patches or residue from leaves or other materials you can always use detergent and warm water to remove the sticky patches.

The weather is your best friend in regards to maintenance of artificial grass, a tidy up once a week will help you keep the product looking brand new.

If you have any questions regarding maintenance, or any of our products, please contact Touch of Grass by e-mail or phone

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