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New Year, New Products New Office for Touch of Grass

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As 2015 began to come to a close we decided to sit down as a company and see how we can expand and improve both our website, and our business in general.

One of the main points which we all mentioned and thought definitely needed improving was the website, we have now had 4 different variations of our website since we went live many years ago, and we felt this year we definitely needed to upgrade and make our website better and more user friendly than before.

We sat down and discussed everything which we felt needed improving and began slowly creating a new website from scratch, finally ending up with the finished product which we are currently browsing now.

This is the best site design we have had since we began, and hopefully our customers will think so too!

We also discussed about improving our range, which we do every year, but we felt that this year we wanted to make a real statement in regards to our collection to go with our newly enhanced website.

Ten ranges was our initial decision, and after receiving literally hundreds of samples and speaking to many different manufacturers over the space of a month, we decided that we couldn’t narrow the collection down to ten, so we’ve gone with Twelve.

Thicker, nicer, softer, much better value than ever before – we are incredibly excited about this selection of artificial grass and we cannot wait to get the samples out to everybody.

The last point which we wanted to talk about was our office, since we moved in around a year and a half ago we have had a few change arounds and tried to make it as nice as possible, but just before christmas this year we decided to paint the walls, add some vinyl decorations for the wall and purchase a new sofa for our customers to sit on when they come in.

We cut our logo out of our menorca range and then also cut a rug to shape out of our getafe range to put underneath the sofa.

All in all, we’re very much looking forward to this year at Touch of Grass!

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