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Can artificial grass be used in conjunction with a regular lawn?

There is no issue with using artificial turf alongside your regular lawn. Some homeowners prefer to keep some natural grass in their garden, particularly in children’s play areas – although

What is Artificial Grass made from?

Artificial grass is made from a variety of materials, many of which have gone through radical changes from the early days of astroturf. When it was first produced, artificial grass

What is the lifespan of Astroturf?

The lifespan of artificial grass is lengthening all the time as technology improves, but it does depend to some extent on the climate and the level of wear and tear

Astroturf in 21st century: for a great lawn all year round.

How Astro Turf has improved in recent years Orіgіnаllу dеѕіgnеd іn the late 1960’s as a playground ѕurfасе fоr urban ѕсhооl playgrounds іn thе USA, Aѕtrо Turf hаѕ ѕtооd thе

Benefits Of Astro Turf For Dogs

Benefits of artificial grass for dogs Pet lovers always keep their animals in mind when making changes to the home environment. This is especially true for dog owners and the

Astro turf: a practical alternative to a poor lawn.

Using Astro Turf In Place Of Real Grass Artificial grass was for a long time only used in large sports arenas but with recent modern technological advances, it is readily

Three ways to maintain astro turf

3 ways to maintain your astro turf Astroturf boasts a whole host of benefits for anybody who wants to improve the appearance of their garden. When investing in astro turf,

Unconventional Uses for Astro Turf

4 Unconventional places that have astroturf Although astroturf (artificial grass) is usually relegated to front and back gardens for their visually appealing properties, there are loads of creative ways that

Why astroturf is good for dog kennels

Why astroturf is great for dog kennels Astro turf is a cheap and affordable way to give your garden a complete makeover. If you want to create an enviable garden,

Maintaining astro turf and artificial lawn grass – a help guide

Taking the plunge and diving into the world of artificial grass and astro turf products can be a nerve wracking experience at first, but once the hard work of preparing

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