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You pay for what you get with astro turf

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Choose to install astro turf in your garden and you can enjoy a number of benefits. It is virtually maintenance free, allows children to play in safety and comfort, has an extremely long lifespan, and can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your outdoor space. However, you may not be able to reap these rewards if you buy cheap, low quality astro turf.

Problems associated with low quality astro turf

With any astro turf or artificial grass product, there is a possibility that it will flatten over time due to consistent use. This is because plastic wears and softens with age; meaning individual blades of grass won’t be able to stand upright.

But this likelihood is significantly increased with an inexpensive astro turf or artificial grass product. A poor quality synthetic will flatten so much that it could mat together, losing its natural look and functional characteristics. Substandard astro turf or artificial grass will also flatten much quicker than a higher quality alternative.

Last but not least, first-class materials will look a lot more natural and less uniform after being worn-in. There is a danger that poor quality astro turf or artificial grass will appear fake and manufactured despite your best intentions.

How to avoid the problems associated with low quality turf

  • Buy a well-known brand from a reputable retailer – Here at Touch of Grass, we will only sell astro turf and artificial grass from renowned manufacturers. Although the look and feel of our products vary by price, you can rest assured that any astro turf or artificial grass we sell will stand the test of time. To this end, we have products with UV stability ratings and five or seven year guarantees.
  • Choose a structured blade profile – As opposed to individual flat blades, you should look for a product with shaped blades instead. Resembling a ‘Y’ shape, these astro turf and artificial grass products are able to stand taller for longer.
  • Avoid ‘soft’ astro turf – While the attraction of ‘soft’ astro turf or artificial grass is obvious, they will inevitable wear out quicker. Softer products tend to be made from thinner extrusions of yarn and have less ability to support themselves.
  • Maintain your astro turf – Even though astro turf and artificial grass requires little to no maintenance, it makes sense to regularly brush the surface, remove any obvious debris, and avoid leaving sharp objects or parking heavy vehicles on top.

Just like most other things in life, you get what you pay for with astro turf.

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