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Artificial Grass transforms garden | Astro Turf project revealed

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Artificial Grass and Astro Turf is becoming more and more popular in the UK and although many people are aware of the product, many are still unsure of what it will look like when it’s installed in their own back garden.

Below we would like to give you a great example of a project completed by one of our customers, the pictures give a great insight into the kind of difference artificial grass can have in your garden.

All of the work was completed by the customer, without hiring or getting any professionals in to assist.

The garden initially was very poorly maintained and in need of some care and attention, overgrown grass on one side, dead grass on the other, garden furniture which needed removing and walls which needed rebuilding.

The furniture which was left laying around was removed, the grass on both sides completely removed and stripped back down to soil, a path was created for the middle of the garden and the wall at the front was rebuilt to partition the front and the back of the garden off.

The fences were repainted, the slates and slabs cleaned, new shrubs and plants were placed along one side of the garden to add some freshness, and a small area in the back was created to make a feature.
Sharp sand was laid in the areas where the customer wanted the artificial grass, the area was flattened and then the grass was laid on top.

A couple of weeks of hard work and labour, but an incredible looking garden once all finished, this sort of project really gives you an idea of the things which you can achieve using Artificial Grass and Astro Turf.

For reference, the product used in this project was our murcia artificial grass which is here

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