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Three ways to maintain astro turf

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3 ways to maintain your astro turf

Astroturf boasts a whole host of benefits for anybody who wants to improve the appearance of their garden. When investing in astro turf, maintaining your garden becomes much easier and more efficient. Artificial grass isn’t subject to the natural elements in the same way that ordinary grass is. Anybody who has had to deal with muddy puddles, patches and lack-luster green grass knows that maintaining planted grass can be a year round struggle. Fortunately, astroturf needs much less maintenance. However, if you’re interested in keeping your astro turf as immaculate as the day you bought it, then take a look at the 3 ways to maintain your astroturf.

1. Stains and marks

On occasion, your astro turf grass may be subject to stains and marks. Whenever these stains and marks arise, there’s a simple and effective way to get rid of them. If your astro turf has incurred lighter marks or stains, it’s advisable to use hot tap water, mixed in with some washing up liquid. This should eradicate the stain straight away. However, if you’re looking at a tougher stain, it’s possible to remove the mark or stain with mineral spirits using a cloth. Fortunately for animal lovers, if there’s animal mess on your astro turf lawn, all you need to do is remove the mess and water down the area. Once the stains and marks have been removed from the area, the astroturf will look as good as new.

2. Brushing your lawn

Brushing your lawn is a great way to keep the astro turf looking luscious and tidy. Throughout the rest of the time that you maintain an artificial lawn, brushing is potentially one of the most essential ways to keep your garden looking well-kept and spotless. It’s a good idea to brush your lawn once a month. After brushing, your lawn should feel lush, soft and bouncy. The best type of brush for the job is a medium soft bristle brush. When brushing your lawn with this type of brush, you will definitely notice the difference. By regularly brushing your lawn, you can help to maintain the astro turf, keeping a neat and tidy environment.

3. Removing debris

Maintaining an artificial lawn means that there will be an absolutely minimal chance of unwanted plants cropping up. Although, in some cases, it’s possible for the odd plant or weed to work its way through, there’s a fast and effective way that you can deal with this. In fact, you can use moss or weed killer to deter the pesky weeds. However, the weed killer needs to be water based. Once the weeds have been extinguished, you can brush the debris away, leaving your garden looking spotless once more.

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