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Unconventional Uses for Astro Turf

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4 Unconventional places that have astroturf

Although astroturf (artificial grass) is usually relegated to front and back gardens for their visually appealing properties, there are loads of creative ways that people have used astroturf to decorate different environments. Ordinarily used by property owners, buying and maintaining astroturf is one way to make your garden stand out. Artificial grass boasts the benefits of being luscious all year round and gathers minimal mess, making it a truly convenient way to keep your garden looking spectacular. However, there are loads of ways that people have used artificial grass to adorn their home and work places.

1. A roof garden

More and more people are living in built up, urban areas. With a growth of people living in cities and towns, there is a need to retreat to a tranquil part of the residence. Gardens often create a feeling of calm and tranquillity. A roof garden is an ideal way to enable people who don’t have a traditional garden space to be able to reap the benefits of having a garden, but with an unconventional twist. Using AstroTurf for roof gardens is becoming an increasingly popular trend with more and more people living in apartment buildings in busy, built up areas.

2. Sofas for roof gardens

With the grey landscape of a typical urban environment, residents are tempted to use Astroturf for all manner of creative purposes. However, using Astroturf for a sofa in a roof garden is indeed a brilliant idea. Astroturf feels soft to the touch and definitely provides comfort. Making a sofa out of AstroTurf material is a great way to maintain a connection to the outdoors, but in a metropolitan area. This is most definitely one of the most unconventional ways to use Astroturf in a modern setting.

3. Shop signs

Healthy food shops, in particular, are opting for this quirky form of shop signage. Using astro turf cut offs for shop signs helps businesses to promote themselves as healthy and different from the rest. The luscious green signs promotes connotations of well-being and good health, encouraging customers to invest in their products.

4. Shelving

Using AstroTurf inside as well as outside of the house is a fantastic idea. It’s long been known that having plants inside the house can promote well-being and creativity. By using Astro Turf to adorn the shelves, some creative individuals are bringing the peacefulness of outdoors living into their living rooms and bedrooms. However, unlike plants, Astroturf is long lasting and durable, making it a versatile and highly effective material.

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