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What is Artificial Grass made from?

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Artificial grass is made from a variety of materials, many of which have gone through radical changes from the early days of astroturf. When it was first produced, artificial grass was wiry, uncomfortable to play sport on and far less resistant to the climate and traffic than it is today.

The material used in artificial grass manufacture is different from grade to grade and depends on what use your lawn will be put to. Each material has different properties, and some are more suited to particular situations than others. The likelihood is that your artificial lawn will end up being made of a combination of the following materials, depending on your budget and the area in which you wish to use it.

Polyethylene (PE) produces a softer and more skin-friendly grass blade, although it is highly durable. This type of grass is often found in decorative situations, where there is no high traffic expected. Gardens, hotel grounds and decorative spaces will use this type of grass. It has a low pile, meaning that traffic and indentations don’t show up as much as with other materials. It is so hardwearing that you can even clean it with bleach. It’s ideal for an animal only garden area.

Polypropylene (PP) makes stiffer blades of grass, which are more durable. It is more suited to play areas for older children, who are quite hard on a play surface. It can take a lot of traffic, and will stay looking good even with heavy use.

Nylon grass is the toughest type of artificial grass, with the highest level of durability. It is used on areas that will have a lot of wear and tear, such as playing pitches and places that are in use by the general public at outdoor venues.

The quality of the backing material is important when choosing artificial turf. The best type of artificial turf backing is made from recycled rubber products. It is important to choose the best quality turf you can afford, in order to achieve the effect you want. Ask us for advice on the best option for you, and send for samples so that you can judge for yourself. There is no substitute for seeing and feeling the product yourself, so we are happy to supply you with free samples to help you decide. Just choose the sample pack that is closest to your budget and we will send it to you totally free of charge, with no obligation.

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