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Where to buy Astro Turf

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Where to buy the best astro turf?

Here at Touch of Grass we only supply the best quality astro turf. Our astro turf is far superior to cheaper variants with a longer-lasting finish and more realism. We are often complimented by customers about our astroturf ranges, which we are proud to offer.

The astro turf we sell is available in a variety of finishes and it can be purchased by the metre. We stock astro turf for people on a budget such as our 15mm thick Grenada line and astro turf for high-end projects such as our 40mm thick Milan line. Or if you want the best of both worlds, we recommend our 40mm Naples line which costs just £14.99 m2. We have several other ranges to choose from which you can find here.

So for all your astroturf needs, look no further than Touch of Grass.

How much astro turf do I need?

We have prepared a measuring guide to help you establish this. Once you have, it’s easy to order astro turf from us in the correct size. Simply head over to a product that you like and select the length in metres you require and the width. The price will be automatically updated for you. You can also find product specifications towards the bottom of the page.

Is fitting astro turf easy?

Yes, although there are some best practices you should follow. We have prepared a handy fitting guide to help you with this. The most important stage to fitting astro turf is to prepare the area that the astro turf will be installed. You need a nice flat ground with a compound underneath than can absorb moisture. Sand is the ideal material for this.

Request an astro turf sample

The best way to judge an astro turf’s quality is to inspect a sample. You can request a free sample from us for any of our astroturf lines. We will send you a sample pack usually within three working days. The sample we send you will be a decent size so you can judge the quality for yourself. As previously mentioned, we only supply the best quality astro turf.

Visit this page on our website to request a free sample.

Find out more today

To find out more about our astro turf or for a free quote, please contact us here or call us on 01268 419 772 and a member of our friendly team will help you.

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