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Measuring your area for Artificial Grass is easier than many people think.

To help we have drawn two diagrams to assist you in measuring your areas correctly, and also accounting for joins which you may need for larger areas.

When working out joins you need to make sure that pile direction is accounted for. If the pile direction of the Artificial Grass is going in opposite directions, the grass will look 2 different colours.

Areas That Do Not Require Joins

For an area as on the right, you will need to purchase 4.2 x 4metres of Artificial grass.

We always advise customers to purchase 10cm more than the actual size of their area, as this helps in making sure you get a perfect edge when trimming your Artificial Grass into the required shape.

For Areas Requiring Joins

As you can see from this shaped garden, there is a need for a join as the garden is over 4metres in both width and length (6.2 x 5.2m).

So firstly we would divide our garden into two areas.

We have divided ours into A and B, always remember that our Artificial Grass comes 2 and 4 metres width.

Part A requires a piece that is 5.3metres x 4Metres (after adding 10cm)

Part B requires a piece that is 2.2metres x 4metres  (after adding 10cm)

Your total order should be 7.5 x 4metres

Both of the pieces will have the pile running in the same direction, so everything will be the same shade.

If you have any issues or troubles calculating exactly how much Artificial Grass that you need, then please just Contact Us, if you draw out and measure your garden and send us the image we will tell you exactly how much it is that you require!

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